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Show results LV, LT, RU.

21.04.18. NDS “Reto Winner 2018″

Junior class: Cherif Haus Sonder ( Jefferson Haus Sonder-Yumiko Sonder Solo Rigoletto)-excellent

Open class: Zofee Haus Sonder( Jefferson Haus Sonder-Oxy v. Frankengold)- excellent, CQ, BF-2, CAC . And Zofee closed  Latvian Champion title !!! Congratulate !!!

22.04.18. NDS ” Reto kauss- 2018″

Junior class: Chagall Haus Sonder – excellent, PP, JCAC, best male, BOO. And Chagall closed Latvian Junior Champion title !!! Congratulate!!!


21.04.18. “Saules miesto Taure” Šiauliai, LT

22.04.18. “Šiauliau Klubo Taure” Šiauliai, LT

Čempionu klase: Hyperia di Fosco Aidas – excellent. 2 place


29.04.18. ” Pskovskije vstrechi 2018″  Pskov, RU

Champion class: Hyperia di Fosco Aidas - excellent, CW, best female,  CAC,  BOB, RKF champion, OONKOO champion.

And Hyperia became Russian Champion !!!


10.06.2018. International dog show ” Latvian Winner 2018″
Hyperia di Fosco Aidas- BOB, CACIB, ” Latvian Winner 2018″   and Best in group 1 – 5-st place!

E- litter Haus Sonder(11.04.18)

E- litter Haus Sonder 

w.t. 11.04.2018.

2 boys ( 1 longhaired) and 4 girls ( 1 longhaired).

Boys: Excalibur, Eragon ( lgh.)

Girls: Ebonee, Elfina, Elysia, Elisone ( lgh.)



Results of spring exhibitions!!!

2 x National dog show”Valmiera’s winner 2018″

Junior class: Chagall Haus Sonder ( Jefferson Haus Sonder- Yumiko Sonder Solo Rigoletto)

17.02. Best longhaired junior, PP, JCAC, ” Valmieras junior winner 2018″, best male, BOO.

18.02. Best longaired junior, PP, JCAC, best male-2.


2x International dog show “PETEXPO 2018″, Rīga.


Junior class: Cherif Haus Sonder ( Jefferson Haus Sonder – Yumiko Sonder Solo Rigoletto) – excellent, 2 best junior.

Open class: Hyperia di Fosco Aidas- excellent, 2 best bitch, RCACIB


Junior class: Cherif Haus Sonder ( Jefferson Haus Sonder – Yumiko Sonder Solo Rigoletto) – excellent, 2 best junior.

Hyperia – excellent, BOB, CACIB and “Best in group 1″ vice winner!!!


07.04.18. NDS “Kauno pavasaris”, Kaunas, LT

08.04.18. NDS ” Taure 2018″, Kaunas, LT

Junior class: Carron Haus Sonder (Jefferson Haus Sonder- Yumiko Sonder Solo Rigoletto) – excellent, best junior, JN

20.-21.01.18. 2x National dog show, Daugavpils.

Great show-weekend in Daugavpils, Latvia

For our youngest Hyperia di Fosco Aidas (Ulkan v. Maikhus x Corsa all’oro di Fosco Aidas) 

20.01. at NDS “Ziemas pasaka Latgale 2018″ – LV CAC, Best Dog of the Breed, Best Dog of the Group, Res. Best in Show 

21.01 at NDS “Latgales Kauss 2018″ – LV CAC, Best Dog of the Breed, Best Dog of the Group, 5th place in Best in Show competition 

And Hyperia completed her Latvian Champion title 

And Jefferson Haus Sonder in veteran class

20.01.- best veterans V CAC , best male, BOO.

21.01.- best veteran, VCAC and “The best veterans”- 3 place!

Jeff now Latvian Veteran Champion!

12.01.18.”Day of asterisks”

12.01.18.”Day of asterisks”

It was so pleasant to see you !!!

Achievements of our kennel dogs.


*National dog show  “Kurzemes uzvarētājs” , Ventspils.

Zofee Haus Sonder - excellent

Cherif Haus Sonder- GSD best puppy, PP,The Best of Baby- 5 place.


*Latvian Sieger Show

Dorian Haus Sonder-  puppy class VV1 


*Baltic Sieger Show , Marijampole, LT

Dorian Haus Sonder – puppy class VV4


*1 gr. speciality show, Rīga

Cherif Haus Sonder - GSD best puppy , PP, The Best of Baby - 6  place

Chagall Haus Sonder - GSD best puppy ( longhaired ), PP, The Best of Baby- 4 place.

Summer 2017-attainments and adventures.

Summer  2017 -attainments and adventures .

 Our little star – Hyperia di Fosco Aidas 

16.07.17. EST, Speciality show, judge -  JHKL SG 1

22.07.17 . DE, Tangermūnder Elbbrūcke, LG19 speciality show, judge J. Hoffmann -  JHKL SG 5

23.07.17. DE, Bobitz, LG 20 speciality show, judge N.Scharschmidt - JHKL SG 4 

11.-12.08.17.  Austrian Sieger Show, judge H.Hohmann JHKL SG 29

13.08.17. DE, Raschau-Langenberg, LG 18 speciality show, judge H.Hohmann -


31.08.-03.09.17. DE, SV- Bundessiegerzuchtschau, Ulm , judge H.Hohmann-


16.09.17. IT, Bagnolo in Piano, Italian Sieger Show, judge F. Goldlust - JHKL SG 37

25.09.17. LT, Marijampole, Baltic Sieger Show, judge - JHKL SG 11