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21.04.18. NDS “Reto Winner 2018″

Junior class: Cherif Haus Sonder ( Jefferson Haus Sonder-Yumiko Sonder Solo Rigoletto)-excellent

Open class: Zofee Haus Sonder( Jefferson Haus Sonder-Oxy v. Frankengold)- excellent, CQ, BF-2, CAC . And Zofee closed  Latvian Champion title !!! Congratulate !!!

22.04.18. NDS ” Reto kauss- 2018″

Junior class: Chagall Haus Sonder – excellent, PP, JCAC, best male, BOO. And Chagall closed Latvian Junior Champion title !!! Congratulate!!!


21.04.18. “Saules miesto Taure” Šiauliai, LT

22.04.18. “Šiauliau Klubo Taure” Šiauliai, LT

Čempionu klase: Hyperia di Fosco Aidas – excellent. 2 place


29.04.18. ” Pskovskije vstrechi 2018″  Pskov, RU

Champion class: Hyperia di Fosco Aidas - excellent, CW, best female,  CAC,  BOB, RKF champion, OONKOO champion.

And Hyperia became Russian Champion !!!